Tired of the 'Working Mum' Guilt?

Create More Time & Space -  Free Book Chapter

This brand new perspective will:

  • take bucket loads of stressful thinking & busyness off your mind
  • have you step off the busy-mum treadmill
  • help you find balance & enjoy more precious moments with your little ones

space and time

Are you exhausted from constantly juggling your work and mum-life?

Do you feel guilty for both worlds overlapping?

I get it.

I have a 5 year old son; Leo. I know first hand the ‘mental motherload’ that plagues women and stops them from having peace of mind.

I’ve been suicidal, gone through a divorce and used to work over 16 hour days. I managed to transform the way I see the world and as a result, I work less, feel happier and get better results.

I support hardworking mums to step away from ‘overwhelm’ and help them claim back their freedom by slowing down and listening to their innate wisdom.

This chapter from my new book ‘The Joy of Being’ is designed to help women, like you, take ownership of their time so they can live life on their terms!

Mumma! Don’t settle for ‘busy’ … have the true freedom you want.

space and time

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Marina Pearson is a mother, bestselling author, international TEDx speaker, investor and joy coach. Most of all she is a human Be-ing.

Over 14 years’ experience in the transformation industry has culminated in Marina supporting mums to ditch the mental load so they can find the relief they yearn for. She lives a lifestyle that lights her up and in the process, assists hardworking mums to do the same. Her personalized Joy of Being Retreats at her villa in Spain guarantees mums who are always ¨on¨ to switch off and delight in their life regardless of their circumstances.

As host of the Joy of Being podcast, Marina interviews transformation professionals, business owners and creatives on how to live a life mums and women in business and beyond can truly enjoy.

Marina’s work has been featured on ITV’s is Morning, Marie Claire, Spirit & Destiny, The Guardian and Daily Mail. She is also the bestselling author of Goodbye Mr Ex.

If you are interested in finding out where your joy gaps are and what you can do about them, visit: www.MarinaPearson.com